Kwickway Products Corporation

KPC currently sells its products to North American:
Major international airlines; Hotels, Railways, and Casinos.

KPC polystyrene-based thin film products are developed for use in food service applications where the non-skid and non-absorbent characteristics of the product lends itself to reducing safety-related concerns while serving food to passengers on aircraft, ships and trains.

In addition to the safety features of the film product there is an assortment of colours, embossing and printing styles to choose from resulting in attractive placemats, adding distinctive appeal to the presentation of the meal being served.


KwickWay Beauty Products Division

KwickWay Thermal Highlighting Strips used by hair salons and suppliers of hair coloring products are manufactured from polystyrene-based thin film to provide an alternative to common aluminum foil. Its products are found in hairdressing salons worldwide.