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For nearly 25 years Kwickway Products Corp. has specialized in providing innovative film solutions for the hospitality industry under the Prestige brand and hair salon industry under the Luminati brand. Read on to learn more about our brands or to visit our websites.


Luminati thermal films unleash the hair colorist’s creativity with unparalleled performance and efficiency for both high lift and hair color applications. The #1 alternative for foils. Our unique coloring films have been endorsed by major color manufacturers and are found in hair salons worldwide. Available in pre-cut strips or rolls in both a clear or color option. Interested in private label opportunities please contact us directly. To view our film in action, visit


Prestige thin film products were developed for use in food service applications adding a touch of class to presentation of food and beverage wherever they are served. Trademark non-slip and non-absorbent serving trays, place mats, doilies and coasters reduce the likelihood of spills, wipe clean and are available in an assortment of colors and styles.

To view Prestige products and to order, visit

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